Fun Facts

1.  Java Bite dried mango slices come in packages that carry the story of low-income households earning additional wages, of mango groves being rescued from decimation, of hope for sustainable community development.  But no one should buy Java Bite dried mangos just because of the story.  Buy them because they taste great!
2.  You probably didn't know that Indonesia is home to over 200 varieties of mangos, each having a unique combination of color, taste, texture, size and shape.  In the village of Tiron alone, researchers have identified over 30 types of mango varieties, each of which can be preserved and promoted as dried mango slices.
3.  Although money doesn't grow on trees, mangos do.  For generations, farmers in East Java have supplemented up to 50% of their income from low-maintenance mango trees. 
4.  The ladies work a short walk from their homes.  By lunch-time they make a full day's wage.  Then they return home to attend to household matters.  In the village cooking and cleaning require a lot of time because it often includes trips to the river or well for water and to the forest for wood.