Attention Resellers!! Ask for a free/reduced shipping coupon code!!

19th Dec 2013

If you intend to resell Java Bite Sweet Dried Fruit to your clients or customers, we have a special offer for you!

You have already noticed that a case of our tasty dried mangos is already deeply discounted.  The case price of $140 ($135 without a display) amounts to only $2.80 per 5.3oz package.  A discount of nearly 30% off of the online store price of $3.99 per package!

We want to sweeten an already sweet deal on sweet dried fruit!  Now you can get free shipping for Midwest destinations.  Other locations within the 48 state region can obtain reduced, but not free shipping.  Here is what you need to do:


1.  Sign up for our email newsletter, which will allow us to keep you up to date on product availability.

2.  Click on "Contact Us" and compose a message which includes "Please send me the coupon code for shipping" at the beginning of the message.  Then include a brief description of your store location and/or customers.  We will reply with the appropriate coupon code for your region and instructions for how to use the coupon code when you purchase at least one case of product.

3.  Create an account at %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%% with your reseller contact information.

4.  While you are in your new account make an order using the free/reduced shipping coupon code.

You will discover that we have an enduring commitment to quality.  Our dried mangos are the most flavorful product on the market today.  And our product line continues to expand as we develop dried pineapple and dried papaya.  Your bottom line is also our concern!  You can expect competitive wholesale prices so that your profit margins are preserved.  Join the growing ranks of Java Bite resellers and retailers today!